From product development to packaging, the quality of products is guranteed by absolute quality control throughout each unit process.

The Health Lab’s priority is to keep the highest standard of quality. To ensure our high quality, our systems are working efficiently and effectively and we conduct audits regularly.

New Zealand is well known for its strict and comprehensive regulations to ensure that food and dietary supplements comply with high quality, efficacy, and safety. We maintain a high level of quality through our quality management system to meet and exceed the standards of these strict regulatory control systems. Also, it is regularly audited through our internal and external (government) authorities to ensure our system is robust and safe.

Our Quality Assurance teams are involved in every step of manufacturing so that we can control the highest level of product qualities. We focus on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled.

This robust quality system is used in all processes from procurement of raw materials to packaging and delivery. We thrive in providing consistent, sustainable, and eco-friendly manufacturing processes to ensure its guaranteed quality.

Core Capabilities

Production Infrastructure

The Health Lab’s new 3500m² state-of-the-art manufacturing facility sits on a 6,000m² of land in Hobsonville, and has been commissioned in December 2020.
The new facility is equipped with temperature & humidity-controlled processing rooms and high racking for enough storage.

Through our effort to establish the best manufacturing facilities, it has various product types, ingredients and manufacturing abilities and infrastructures.
The sites are the perfect locations for well-managed manufacturing and supplement.


The Health Lab Ltd is based on its New Zealand RMP (Risk Management Programme) certificate for processing products for an international market. It is also certified with FCP (Food Control Plan) for the local New Zealand market. TF (Transitional Facility) License is acquired processing bee products within a biosecurity facility.

  • RMP (Risk Management Programme)

  • FCP (Food Control Plan)

  • TF (Transitional Facility)

  • Organic (asurequality)

  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)

  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

  • Animal Products Exporter

  • Food Importer

  • NZ Made Certificate

RMP Registration

FCP Registration

TF Certificate

HACCP Certificate

GMP Certificate

Animal Products Exporter

Food Importer

NZ Made Certificate

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