The Health Lab Limited is New Zealand’s leading dietary supplements and food manufacturer based in Hobsonville of Auckland. We develop, produce and coordinate quality products carefully tailored according to the client’s requirements.

Since its first production in New Zealand in 2015, The Health Lab continuously focused on developing and producing high quality ingredients and final products. We successfully established a new state-of-the-art facility in Hobsonville in December 2020 and the team is now uniting and working hard together for mutual success with our clients.

Based on thorough quality control, our company is in strategic partnership with international companies based in New Zealand, Korea, China and United States and exporting various products overseas.

The Health Lab does not only focus on final product production. We start cooperation by developing and sourcing innovative ingredients from global suppliers. We develop unique and functional formulations for clients’ satisfaction. We manufacture products on high quality standards. Final products which have gone through extensive quality control are released. We assure 200% efforts are made for clients’ satisfaction. The Health Lab will endeavour for mutual growth with its partners.

“We are New Zealand Owned and Operated family business who in detail every project and deliver success through its difference”